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NABARD Holds Regional Advisory Group Meeting On Integrated Farming Models
Tripura | September 2022

Agartala, September 27, 2022 : The Tripura Regional office of NABARD organized a meeting of the RAG on Tuesday at a private hotel here in Agartala city. The Regional Advisory Group is constituted by NABARD in all the states of the country to discuss issues related to agriculture, farmer and Rural economy and to arrive at specific action points and policy formation.

The meeting organized by the Tripura Regional office NABARD on Tuesday had development of Integrated Farming Models as the theme. Integrated farming system based models are being emphasized considering small size of land holding of farmers in Tripura, the potential to provide high income from unit area in case of adoption of Integrated farming system, reduced risk in case of Integrated farming system due to multi activity-multi income lines and cultural closeness of Integrated farming system to the people.

Loken Das, General Manager and officer-in-Charge of NABARD, in his opening remarks discussed the status of small and marginal farmers and suggested that a bankable model be prepared for the benefit of farmers and improvement in agriculture financing in the state of Tripura. Thereafter, representatives from College of Agriculture, College of Fisheries, Indian Council of Agriculture Research gave a comprehensive presentation regarding integrated farming systems.

Convener of the SLBC, Principal of the College of Agriculture, Dean of the College of Fisheries, Representatives from ICAR, KVK, Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Government of Tripura, NGOs, FPOs etc. participated in the meeting and gave their valuable views regarding integrated farming models.

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