NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 64

5. Every bank should be made to offer No Frill Saving Account with basic services without terms and
conditions which are class/ group specific but are applicable to all.
6. Private sector banks should be involved in process of financial inclusion and they should be made
realize that it is not only a business opportunity for them but corporate social responsibility too.
Commercial Banks can act as spokes in the wheels for drive to achieve 100% Financial Inclusion
in India. Commercial banks can step in to augment financial inclusion by providing non- Banking
services like and support.
7. Aadhaar enrollment should be encouraged to make the opening of accounts and accessing to bank
services more easily. Though most of the people have Aadhaar card they don’t have Aadhaar linked
accounts which make them financially excluded from various govt. schemes.
8. The DCCB and RRBs are playing a great role in financial inclusion of the rural mass to a great extent
w.r.t to the negligence of the commercial banks. The infrastructure of this bank should be improved.
9. The village Pradhan is playing a crucial role in making the people aware of various govt. schemes and
financial products. But people are excluded from the financial system just because of political issues.
The working of Pradhan needs enhancement at grass root level. Awareness Programme for village
Pradhan can be considered.
10. In remote rural area it is not possible to get connectivity from all mobile service providers. Smartcard
which is given to BC should have good network connectivity within the village. This will enable the
BCs to get internet connection anytime in day and transaction can be possible anytime without going
here and there.
11. Digital mediums like mobile phones, internet banking, etc. to transact, save, make and receive
payments, etc. should be encouraged. Government agencies should actively participate in that
campaigns that communicate mobile banking to be user friendly and safe. Common consumer
knowledge in rural areas about dialling to a toll-free number should be leveraged to provide
introduction to financial literacy as well as instructing people on steps to use mobile banking.
12. More ATMs should be established in village bank branches. RuPay card should be issued to all
account holders especially the Kisan Credit Card holders.
Role of Government:
1. Improvements should be made in the human, social and physical capital. The people have to be
healthy and educated to be productive. Programmes for enhancing access to land water become
relevant for small farmers to build the ability of using the credit. Investments should be done in
roads, bridges, canals, power supply, market yards and warehousing in financially excluded regions
to increase the local economy. The gram panchayats, commodity cooperatives, local administration
and even local markets should be made well developed to bring the rural mass under formal financial
2. The real sector or demand side interventions to enhance agricultural productivity can generate
demand for additional credit. People should be encouraged to make value added products to make
use of finance. Effective increase in demand for credit can be done by improving market linkages and
minimising risk issues in agriculture.
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