NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 74

v. Diversification of agriculture has taken place.
vi. Social engineering has taken place in the form of people’s organizations viz., VWC, SHGs and
farmers’ clubs.
vii. Women participation in socio-economic activity has been visible.
viii.More number of employment generated in the locality.
ix. Landless people could get engagement through non-farm activities.
x. Vegetable cultivation has been taken up as a livelihood activity.
Major Recommendations:
• There is a need to have some risk assessment tool to identify and implement more focused and
location specific interventions at micro level (village level).
• Women and men have different awareness levels to deal with impact of climate change. Hence there
is a need to implement more gender specific research projects.
• Need to strengthen our climate services and weather based crop advisories by partnering with
software services companies to start a mobile application where farmers can post related problem.
• Encouraging farmers to use Smart Phones and educating them about how they can use the latest
features of their mobile phones to share information put up queries and get handy solution to their
specific problems as and when required.
• There is a need to have community based approach like encouraging communities to impose social
regulations on groundwater extraction to control excessive extraction of groundwater.
• The community saved groundwater by undertaking watershed development and controlled the
demand for groundwater by deciding not to grow water intensive crops. Such community based
efforts need to be encouraged and have to be taken to a larger scale.
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