NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 66

• The most commonly owned ICT based device by households is mobile phone (97 % ) followed by
Television (90 %).
• Reasons for not owning ICT devices were: non-requirement and lack of sufficient funds.
• The major reasons for using ICT based devices with respect to financial inclusion are: a) financial
awareness, b) Ticket booking and online shopping, c) Bank balance enquiry.
• 97 % households had Aadhar card and 9 % of household’s bank account was linked to Aadhar card.
Gas subsidy was a major benefit derived through Aadhar card linkage.
• The highest services per household (breadth of financial inclusion) was observed in case of Alidhara
which was 1.63 service per household.
• The highest average depth of financial services was observed in savings account, followed by Kisan
Credit Card. Alidhara stood highest in terms of total depth of all services.
• There is a positive relation between Financial Inclusion Index and Information and Communication
Technology Index and Financial Inclusion Index and Inclusive Growth.
Related to GSCB and ADC Banks
These banks were specially incorporated as a part of the study to acknowledge their efforts in financial
inclusion with respect to ICT.
• In GSCB and ADC, continuous implementation of ICT based banking devices is taking place, latest
being the incorporation of micro-ATMs and mobile banking RTGS/NEFT services.
• Offline mobile service- NUUP (*99#) and micro-ATMs serve as the future of financial inclusion in
rural areas through ICT. Both of these services are live in GSCB and ADC.
• Expansion of number of ATMs and micro-ATMs is expected in this year for both ADC and GSCB.
• Also, GSCB will be going live in providing net banking financial service by the end of this financial year.
• Around 30% of GSCB customers are active on mobile banking.
• In ADC, currently honest micro-ATMS are live in 8 talukas. Micro-ATMs are imparting services like
cash withdrawal and all other non-financial services. They are not inter-operable. Because of the
positive response gained by the micro-ATMs, another 48 micro-ATMs are expected to launch by the
end of this year.
• 1 lac RuPay cards have been issued at ADC bank since the inception of PMJDY.
Major Recommendations:
• Proper maintenance of banks in villages are required. Staff needs to be trained to understand the
needs of the Households.
• Since mobile is the commonly owned ICT device, more awareness regarding how to use mobile to
access all banking facilities should be created.
• Mobile also can be used as a source of awareness to help connect bank better.
• More powerful product delivery system for Insurance, Pension, Kisan Credit Card, and Remittance
should be introduced.
• Procedure for availing bank loans should be simplified.
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