NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 55

Summary No-22
Profile of the Student:
Name: Sheena Bansal
Degree Programme: MBA
University/ Institute: Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
Profile of the Mentor:
Name: Pankaj Yadav
Designation: AGM
Department: FID / DFIBT
Name of Regional Office: Haryana (Chandigarh)
Objectives of the study:
• To assess level of awareness on PMJDY, PMSBY, PMJJY, APY
• To assess the level of usage of benefits arising from the schemes.
• The level of penetration of these schemes, etc.
Sample State/ Distt/ Blocks/ Villages: Haryana /Karnal. All 6 blocks of the district were selected for
field visit.
Sample size:
125 respondents spread over 6 blocks.
ResearchMethodology: Simple randomsampling and simple statistical tools such as average, percentage,
growth, etc. were used for the study. Both type of data i.e. primary and secondary data were collected
for the study.
Major Findings:
1. The coverage of major schemes i.e. PMJDY, PMSBY and PMJJY was satisfactory. The coverage
under PMJDY was 79 percent but the coverage of APY was 10 % in the samples. The reasons for low
coverage under APY was lack of awareness & low amount of pension after 60 years.
2. The awareness level among the sample respondents about major financial inclusion schemes was
79 %. However, in some villages of Asandh Block (i.e. Rugsana, Chochada) the awareness level
about the schemes was ‘Nil’. Not even a single account was opened by co-operative bank branch of
Chochada village under these Financial Inclusion Schemes.
3. SSAs & Wards allotted to CBs, RRBs under PMJDY were covered 100 %. As Karnal DCCB was not
fully on CBS platform it was not allotted any SSA/Wards.
4. Only 8 % of the sample respondents who had bank accounts were issued Rupay Card. All bank
accounts were Aadhar linked.
5. The main reasons for not having bank account by 21 % respondent are:- 50 % didn’t have much
money to keep in their bank account, 11 % found opening a Bank a/c as lengthy procedure, 35 % are
not aware and 4 % were not interested in opening of bank account.
6. However, 19 % respondents having account had more than one bank account. 27 % having bank
accounts opened with the help of relatives and friends and 64 % with the help of bank officials. Thus,
Bank branches and friend & relatives were important instruments under PMJDY for account opening.
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