NABARD - 25 Years Of SHG Movement - page 14

ABARD needs to be congratulated on the Silver
Jubilee celebration for the SHG movement that it has
spearheaded. It is again a time to pause and reflect.
The clarion call should be to reach the un-reached
in backward remote areas. However, the bank linkages and
disbursals in these areas should be made client friendly.
Flexibility, nurturing and capacitating SHGs should be central
and non-negotiable for their growth and resilience.
There is no need to insist blatantly on the models of federation
that may have been successful in some states or areas. In certain
areas, good SHGs have been destroyed when multiple large
government programs takeover them with lures of subsidies and
Dr Kshama Metre
National Director, CORD
incentives leading often to defunct groups later.
At this juncture, I would like to share CORD’s experience since
1994. CORD has been facilitating Mahila Mandal (Women
Group) first in each ward of the Panchayat with the purpose
of bonding maximum households together for larger collective
comprehensive and decentralised development actions with the
spirit of seva/service toward each other for lasting relationships.
This is followed later with formation of SHGs of members within
the Mahila Mandal. It has led to a convergent model of social,
economic and local self governance that has been transformative
and sustainable.
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