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ne of the problems causing concern to humankind
especially developing states is economic poverty. It
can be tackled at family level by bringing families
suffering economic hardship under Self Help Groups.
In Bidar district, it has proved that the micro finance initiatives
of NABARD through Self Help Groups are a powerful tool for
the socio economic empowerment of the rural poor. It has also
been demonstrated that Co-operatives can play a vital role
in promoting and nurturing SHG movement in a sustainable
The District Cooperative Central Bank Ltd. Bidar (DCCB Bidar) in
Karnataka has made recognizable contribution in empowerment
of women by promoting Self Help Groups. Every village and
hamlet in the district (numbering 912) has women SHGs. As at the
end of 31st March 2017 there are 24674 SHGs in the district having
the membership of 365774 poor families. While all these women
belong to poor families, majority of them, 50% (163292) are
socially deprived belonging to Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled
For the development and upgradation of skills among the SHG
members & youths and to share the best practices of SHG
promotion with other DCCB’s in the country, the Bidar DCCB has
started SAHARDA a premier training institute which has made its
impact throughout the country.
In Bidar 171 Primary Agricultural Credit Co-operative Societies
are functioning in rural areas being revived by linking SHGs
with them. The PACS get an opportunity to not only serve the
economically poor but also get good business. The dream of
reaching the unreached is also realised. It is a cost effective
business proposition. NABARD has been providing momentous
guidance and incessant support. The co-operative Model
developed by the District Central Co-operative Bank, Bidar is
being replicated by various DCCB’s in India.
Achievements of Bidar Co-operative Model of SHGs:
The Bidar DCCB promoted Cooperative Model of SHG
programme’s sustainable growth that won many accolades
and was recognized with many awards. The SHG’s have not
only influenced the poor but the physically disabled have also
benefitted. SHG booklet in Kannada Braille written by visually
impaired SHG members has been released in Bidar during 2002
by the then chairman of NABARD. Sahakara Rural Development
Academy (SAHARDA), promoted by Bidar DCCB is providing
training support to SHGs with NABARD/Govt. Support. Bidar
DCCB for 12 years from 1998 to 2010, successively bagged the Best
SHG performance award in the state by NABARD RO Karnataka.
The DGM of micro credit division of DCCB won the Best Performer
Nodal Officer Award successively for 6 years. The 5 branches of
DCCB Bidar bagged highest no. of credit linkage award for 8
times between 2002 to 2016. The highest recovery of SHG loan
award, the highest SHG financing award, the highest number
of JLG bank linkage award, the highest SHG loan outstanding
award etc are the other awards bagged by DCCB Bidar in recent
All these achievements of the bank helped the poor women bring
changes in their life. Empowered groups have started showing
interest in the surrounding socio-cultural and political aspects
of life. Money is being invested in not only income generating
activities but also education of children, health of the members
of the family, repair shelter and improve the living conditions. The
status of women in the family is improving. Families have started
supporting each other. Most of the SHGs have their own funds
created out of savings and the interest earned. This has helped in
gaining self- confidence. Some of the senior self-help groups have
become self- dependent and looking forward towards prosperity.
Empowered women are gradually attaining better status in the
family. =Financial status of the family is gradually improving.
Majority of private moneylenders have closed their shops in rural
areas. There is new hope of leading a dignified life been created
in the minds of the economically poor families. The credit goes
to Bidar DCCB and also to NABARD which initiated the Self Help
Groups movement in India during the year 1992.
Shri Mallikarjun Mahajan
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