NABARD - Status of Microfinance in India 2016-17 - page 16

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There is merit in banking on rural credit for both demand and supply side
players. Some private banks, the latest entrant being Bandhan have shown
that a healthy bottom-line can be achieved entirely on the basis of microloans.
Thus, besides the two models of MFIs and SHG-BLP, the third emerging model
is bank’s dedicated vertical working on the lines of MFIs, but with statutory
safeguards. In addition, there may be increased role of P2P financing in near
future. There is need of letting all efforts to bloom through suitable guidance
and supervision ensuring that the microfinance clients are served properly.
As per an assessment there still exists substantial potential for formation of
large number of SHGs in priority States. While NRLM is committed to cover
all eligible families under its fold by 2022-23, there is need to speed up the
process. The success in creating suitable intermediary structures is still not
encouraging in several priority States. The sharp focus on livelihoods for SHG
members is lacking in many Regions.
Apart from promotion of SHGs in priority states, identification of livelihoods,
skill development and capacity building, taking forward the programme of
SHG members as agents/BC/Bank Sakhi and collaboration with new partners
for strengthening/ deepening the SHG movement at Pan India level may be
the future direction for SHG-BLP. Some RRBs have started using the services
of our partner SHPIs as agents/ BF for credit linkage of SHGs and recovery of
dues from them on the lines of ICICI bank model.
While SHG-BLP has grown strong on the pillars of financial inclusion and
social capital, the recent addition of technology as the third pillar has shown
immense potential to strengthen its base. The EShakti initiative in select 25
districts during last two years has shown the way. It needs to be expanded
to cover all the SHGs in the country. Support of every stakeholder in this
endeavour is essential.
SHG Federations may emerge to be useful institutions in the SHG eco-system
through both financial and non-financial supports. There is, however, lack of
proper legal form to suit the structure and other issues impacting viability. There
is need to search for suitable solution to the issues impacting the structure.
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