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Life At Nabard

Working Environment

NABARD offers a progressive and collaborative working environment that focuses on open communication and professional growth.  Driven by its mission of promoting sustainable agriculture and rural prosperity in the country, NABARD encourages formulation of unique development projects for rural India in association with suitable stakeholders.


We have a proud history of several rural innovations. These innovations have changed the rural scape, be it setting up of unique one man offices at district level  or designing the successful Kisan Credit Card or  India-specific micro finance innovations or natural resources and livelihoods management models. We believe that innovation is not the responsibility of top leadership alone. Instead, it has to be the credo of the organization. In other words, we are at the forefront of finding new approaches to rural development.


NABARD’S regional offices in every state capital interact with all the agencies involved in development. Internally, our all India recruitment policies have helped in creating and embracing cultural diversity which we reckon as one of our assets. We recognize the benefits of our diverse workplace and celebrate our diversity.

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