NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 44

Summary No-17
Profile of the Student:
Name: Bhaskar Prasad
Degree Programme: M.Sc. Economics (Development Studies)
University/ Institute: Symbiosis School of Economics, Symbiosis International University
Profile of the Mentors:
(1) Name: S.P.Sathaye
Designation: DGM
Department: DOR,DPSP & Rajbhasha
Name of Regional Office: Maharashtra (Pune)
(2) Name: G.Ramasubramanyam
Designation: AGM
Department: DOR & OFDD
Name of Regional Office: Maharashtra (Pune)
Objectives of the study:
To assess the needs of the people residing in rural areas with respect to housing.
To assess the obstacles which the rural households face in building a home.
To assess the challenges faced by lending agencies in rural housing.
Research Methodology:
Survey report and Econometric Analysis using Analysis of Covariance model.
Sample State/ Distt/ Blocks/ Villages: Ambegaon, Baramati & Junnar blocks of Pune district and
Akkalkot, Barshi & South Solapur blocks of Solapur district.
Sample size: 121 households.
Major Findings:
i. Households residing in rural areas experience severe congestion. Significant proportion of the
households surveyed does not have access to basic facilities such as drinking water source within
premises, toilet-cum-bathroom (54% and 44% respectively).
ii. After having faced successive droughts, there is a tendency among the residents to look for non-
agricultural employment opportunities.
iii. Source of finance is a very important determinant which increases the spending allocation for
housing. If finance from formal institutions is available then households allocate at least two to
four times more money for constructing their houses. Non-availability of relevant documents (Non-
Agriculture plot sanction and Town Planning sanction) and meagre and fluctuating income levels
act as barriers to accessing institutional finance.
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