NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 34

Major Recommendations:-
1. Scheme should not be fully subsidized. Government needs to provide credit to all needy families on
very low rate of interest or free of interest rate. Scheme is good to improve housing quality of BPL
families. But it is creating discrimination in society. And mentality of Beneficiaries to get things free
of cost from government is increasing.
2. Government needs to provide fund in one year in feasible instalments.
3. Government needs to promote the scheme at grass root level through various channels, so that
beneficiaries can be able to get proper and full advantage of schemes.
4. Amount sanctioned under scheme was insufficient to meet cost incurred in house. The average cost
incurred in house was found Rs. 126750.
5. Government needs to fix specification for house, so that beneficiary build house according to
6. Government needs to construct building and then allocate to beneficiaries.
7. The duties of the officers /officials of DRDA and other concerned authorities are not limited to
provide the financial assistance to the poor people for dwelling units under the scheme. In fact their
real duty starts beyond this point to keep the beneficiaries vigilant towards optimum utilization of
financial assistance.
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