NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 53

3. The decision for opening bank accounts was mostly influenced by the information provided by the
bank branches, word of mouth publicity by satisfied customers of the bank and conduct of financial
literacy camps.
4. While opting for loan from bank, behavior of bank’s personnel and conduct of the camps influence
the decisions of people.
5. The registers maintained by the FLCs, for the persons seeking guidance, were having columns like
Sr. No., Name, purpose of visit, contact number, date of follow up, whether banking service availed
and signature. There are no records of benefits accrued to the branch or branches after conduct of
camps by FLC.
B. CBS :
The CBS activities carried out by the DCCB H.O can be divided into;
1. Daily / Monthly / Quarterly / Half yearly / Yearly activities and activities to be performed on as and
when basis.
2. All types of transactions are done with CBS.
3. Certain reports, viz. LBR, District level report, ATM reconciliation, etc., are done manually.
C. BC / BF ( Commercial Banks & CRGB ) :
1. BCs act as a bridge between villagers and banks.
2. Create awareness about savings and gives advice to villagers, about how to save/invest and how to
arrange/manage loans. Help the villagers to open bank accounts.
3. Preliminary processing of loan applications for example viz. verification of person’s identity, home-
address etc. Collect loan applications, forward them to bank.
4. Help the Self Help Groups (SHG) / Joint Liability Groups (JLG), to get loans and the bank to collect
EMIs and recover loan money.
D. Issues with ATM functioning and Connectivity Issues of ATM
1. Poor network coverage and erratic power supply are main hindrances for installation of ATMs in
remote places.
2. Lack of awareness, mainly of rural customers, who do not know much about the ATM card usage.
3. Timely replenishment of cash in ATM machines.
4. Banks also have problems regarding ATMs like, theft, robbery, system problem, network errors,
server problems, etc., due to overload and over usage of the means.
1. PACS have been providing credit and other services to its members.
2. The PACS are also undertaking procurement of paddy on behalf of State Govt.
3. PACS in Dhamdha and Patan blocks of Durg district were visited and the following points were
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