NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 47

f. Problem in obtaining legal opinion from the layer, valuation etc.
g. Very few banks was ready to give loan for repair and renovation purpose.
Infrastructure (including social infrastructure lie education &health facilities)
Technological barriers
Inadequate access to building materials and quality labors
Non Agl land
Major Recommendations:
Role of SHGs
Extension programs through SHGs/ SHG Federations
The SHGs can be included in the awareness programs related to sanitation. It would definitely help
in raising the number of toilet and bathrooms in the villages.
SHGs or JLGS fromnearby 3-4 villages can come together and establish one stop shop of construction
material. As these groups have banking linkages, it will be easier for them to arrange for finance.
Such one stop shop near the village would certainly provide a route to housing by lowering the
transportation cost.
For Poverty alleviation
Generate some new employment sources by establishing food processing industries near the villages
Adoption of public private partnership model
Governing bodies may encourage private industrialists to set up units like food processing units by
providing incentives like market availability. For the ease of doing business these industries would
then work with the government to augment the connectivity of the village. This would ensure easy
exchange of services required for housing and creation of employment opportunities. It would not
only make the people economically stable but also imbibe into them a sense of confidence, which
is a primary requirement to solve a problem. Easy availability of raw material would benefit the
industries and regular demand of raw material by the industries would empower producers creating
a win-win situation
Suggestion regarding composite loan for rural housing along with IGA
According to the policy guidelines of NABARD regarding direct lending for rural housing, limit on
composite housing loan will be up to Rs.3 lakh. But according to the field survey average cost of
construction is Rs. 4.68 lakh in Kolhapur and Rs.5.45 lakh in Raigad district. So, it is opined that the
amount mentioned in the guidelines would not be sufficient for the combined use of construction of
house and IGA. Hence, NABARD may increase the limit on housing loan up to Rs. 5-6 lakh.
Technology support and its transfer
State Government technical training institutions in each district on the ground of ITI, to train the
already existent masons, artisans, carpenters and other building related workforce.
Arrange workshops for them at the block level. These trained workers then can be used to construct
the IAY houses.
Demonstration of such technologies at the village level, so that the villagers become aware of such
technologies and the construction labors can use it.
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