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(ii) Non-availability of data on number of KCC accounts which were written
off by a bank and were not renewed again. It is difficult to estimate as how
many of such farmers managed to get KCC from some other banks.
(iii) There may be some farmers who had earlier got issued KCC from a some
bank and did not renew after expiry of the card as they might not be
interested to continue with the KCC loan.
(iv) Some farmers might have got issued KCC from more than one bank,
preferably one KCC from cooperative bank and another from either RRB or
commercial bank and therefore, actual number of farmers covered under
KCC would come down by the number of multiple KCC.
(v) If the land title has not been transferred in the name of sons, the sons may
get Land Possession Certificate (LPC) issued in their respective names and
can approach different banks to get KCC loan. There is nothing wrong in it
if all sons get KCC loan assessed based on their share in the total land in
the family. But even then, this would create discrepancy in terms of number
of KCC issued against an operational holding.
Gap between number of agricultural households and number of operative KCC
2.8 The KCC in operation/live as percentage of total number of rural households/
land owners as given in Agricultural Census as well as estimated by NSSO is
given in Table 2.4.
Table 2.4: Share of operative/ live KCC as % of total Households/ Agric Households
Particulars Total No
Total No of
Est. No
of Agril.
Est. No of Agril.
reporting cultivation
of crops @
HH self-
employed in
7.41 crore 13.83 crore 9.02 crore
7.80 crore
6.70 crore
Share of
operative KCC
in no of HH
53.58% 82.15%
Source: * Agricultural Census, 2010-11
# NSS KI (70/18.1): Key Indicators of Land and Livestock Holdings in India, December 2014
@ NSS KI (70/33): Key Indicators of Situation of Agricultural Households in India, December
2.9 The KCC in operation/live at 7.41 crore as on 31 March 2015 against 13.83
crore operational land holdings (
Agricultural Census 2010-11
) clearly show that
a large number of farmers are yet to be covered under KCC scheme.
2.10 However, the KCC in operation at 7.41 crore against the estimated number of
agricultural households of 9.02 crore (
Key Indicators of Situation of Agricultural
Households in India, NSSO 70
) gives a better picture of coverage of
farmers under KCC Scheme. Further, NSSO report (para, p.16) indicates
that about 93 percent of agricultural households in the country possessed some
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