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Ever Greening of accounts
3.46 In some of the KCC accounts, the repayment of earlier loan by the farmer and the
disbursement of the new loan was found to had been done either on the same day
or within a gap of one or two days and both the amounts were almost same in
majority of the cases, clearly indicating the case of book adjustments. Although
such cases were noticed in almost all the banks in all the states, but the number
of such cases were not many. A few examples of repayment and withdrawal of
KCC loan on the same day is given below:
Table- 3.11: Ever greening of Accounts
Name of Farmer/ Bank
Date of repayment by farmer/
disbursement of loan
Amount trans-
ferred (Rs.)
Bihar Gramin Bank, Cheria Bazar, Begu-
sarai, A/C No. 3808050000360
27.03.2015 By Cash
27.03.2015 To Cash
PNB, Rahatpur, Begusarai, Bihar
14.12.2015 By Cash
14.12.2015 To Cash
State Bank of Patiala, Kapurthala, Punjab
A/c no: 65224659218
28.05.2015 By Cash
28.05.2015 Cash Withdrawal
Assam Gramin Vikas Bank, Assam
A/C No. 7071250004312
07.03.2015 By Cash
07.03.2015 Cash Withdrawal
Central Bank of India, Gandhigram,
Akola, A/c No. 2381458111
27.032014 By Cash
27.03.2014 To TRF
07.03.2015 By Cash
07.03.2015 To TRF
Syndicate Bank, Kanth, Moradabad
A/C No. 85922200064341
11.10.2014 By Cash
11.10.2014 To Self
Impact of KCC on Farm Income
3.47. A comparison of farm income between KCC holders and Non-KCC farmers was
made to assess the impact of KCC financing on the income of loanee farmers
(Table 3.12). The assessment of farm income was made for the agricultural year
2015-16. The agricultural years 2014-15 and 2015-16 were not a normal year
due to deficient rainfall for two years back to back. The monsoon rainfall, between
June and September, was 14% below normal in 2015-16 and 12% deficient in
2014-15. As far as growth of agriculture sector is concerned, the agriculture
sector was estimated to grow 1.2% in 2015-16, better than the (-) 0.25% seen in
the previous fiscal (NITI Aayog in Economics times 31 Mar 2016).
3.48 It may be observed from Table 3.12 that agricultural income was higher on KCC
holder’s farm as compared to that on non-KCC holders, in varying amount. It
may be concluded that the KCC scheme has certainly benefitted to agriculturists
albeit in varying magnitude to different people depending upon the availability
and quality of land resources and the capacity of the farmer to manage these
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