Study on Implementation of KCC Scheme - page 65

Support being provided by NPCI to banks for on-boarding the payment system
including issuance of cards:
4.8 NPCI is observed to be ensuring complete handholding for the banks during the
entire process of certification and membership. It provides the consultation to all
the banks willing to get on the NFS network, and it is also helping them to take a
decision in respect of the following:
Model type
: What type of model should the bank gowith – direct membership
or sub membership model?
Application Service Provider
: There are about 15 ASPs listed in NPCI’s
list. It helps bank to choose the best as per their geography and scope of
Documentation with NPCI
: There are 24 set of documents on which the
banks need to be guided before they come on the NPCI network.
Card designing and art work
: The product team helps the bank design
the card and provide proper art work as per the customer base of the bank.
User Acceptance Testing
: The NPCI team located in Mumbai, Chennai,
Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata ensure timely and adequate help so that the
testing is performed with the ASPs, CBSs and the recon agent of the bank
before the banks go live and start issuing NPCI products to the customers
for usage on the field.
Certification Report
: After the testing is over, NPCI provides certification
report to the bank.
4.9 All above mentioned points require regular interaction with the banks on mails,
phones and in person to help them understand which products they should go
with and what will be the certification process for each process type. During the
entire testing and certification process, NPCI guides and hand holds the ASP and
the Bank to go over the process.
4.10 NPCI is reported to have developed a solid dispute management system to
manage disputes within the banks or between a customer and the bank/s. Here
NPCI maintain the recon reports, adjustment files, MIS reports, circulars, etc.
All categories of disputes are managed like chargeback, representment, pre
arbitration, arbitration, good faith etc.
Advantages of RuPay cards over Master/Visa card:
4.11 The RuPay CARD has been found to have the following advantages:
a) The switching fee is charged to banks only in case of approved transactions
unlike other card schemes
b) For every RuPay comes with an in-built insurance cover for the users.
Earlier, cardholders had to use the card within 45 days prior to insurance
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