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Ib(i) ATM Usage Charges (to banks
4.7.1Switching fee is charged to the issuing bank only. The fee is charged only on
approved and successful transactions. No fee is charged to the acquiring bank.
The fee is charged towards the service provided by NPCI to route the transaction
from acquiring bank switch to the issuing bank switch. It’s the same fee charged
on RuPay Debit Card and KCC Cards issued by banks, i.e. the switching fee
remains the same. The switching fee is charged for financial, non-financial and
value added services. The Switching fee charged by NPCI is 45 paise + Service
Ib(ii) Micro ATM (to banks)
Adhaar Based Transactions:
4.7.2The switching fee for Adhaar based transaction is given in Table 4.2.
Table 4.2: The switching fee for Adhaar based transactions
Transaction Type
Switching Fee
(Excl. Taxes)
AEPS ‘On us’/Authentication
10 Paise
AEPS Off us
Balance Enquiry
25 Paise
Cash Deposit
25 Paise
Cash Withdrawal
25 Paise
Fund Transfer
25 Paise
25 Paise
Demographic Authentication
Demographic Authentication
10 Paise
4.7.3The above mentioned switching fee is charged only for the successful financial
or non-financial transactions routed through NPCI. ‘On us’ transactions are such
where only Adhaar authentication is being processed by NPCI. In case of ‘Off us’
transactions, in addition to Adhaar authentication, the transactions take place
between the issuing and the acquiring banks.
Card + Pin Transactions
4.7.4The switching fee will be as per NFS rule which is Rs 0. 45 + Service Tax for all
approved and successful transactions.
Ib(iii) POS Transactions
4.7.5In case of POS transactions, the switching fee is charged both to the issuing and
the acquiring bank. Rest of the rules remain same for the applicability of the
switching fee as in case of NFS. The Switching Fee for POS transactions is as
Issuing Banks: 60 Paise + Service Tax
Acquiring Banks: 30 Paise + Service Tax
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