Board of Supervision (BoS) (for SCBs, CCBs and RRBs)
The Board of Supervision (BoS) (for StCBs, DCCBs and RRBs) has been constituted by NABARD under Section 13(3) of NABARD Act, 1981 as an Internal Committee to the Board of Directors of NABARD. The broad powers and functions of the Board of Supervision are as under:
  • Giving directions and guidance in respect of policies and on matters relating to supervision and inspection,  reviewing the inspection findings and suggesting appropriate measures
  • Reviewing the follow-up action taken by Department of Supervision (DoS) on matters of frauds and internal    checks and control
  • Identifying the emerging supervisory issues in the functioning of cooperative banks / RRBs such as recovery,    investment portfolio, credit monitoring system, management practices, frauds, etc.
  • Suggesting necessary follow-up measures for improving the functioning of supervised banks
  • Suggest measures for strengthening supervisory mechanism
  • Recommend to RBI for issue of directions and other regulatory action against supervised banks.
  • Oversee the quality of inspections
  • Review the information generated through off-site surveillance and other supplementary vehicles, action taken thereon
  • Undertake any other functions entrusted from time to time by the Board of Directors of NABARD
The Board of Supervision reviews periodically the financial position of Cooperative Banks and RRBs based on the inspections of these banks by NABARD. Based on the observations of BoS, authorities concerned are apprised of the weaknesses of banks for necessary remedial measures and recommendations made to RBI for suitable regulatory action.