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Board of Supervision (BoS) (for SCBs, CCBs and RRBs)

The core functions of the BoS are as follows:

  • Providing directions and guidance on matters related to supervision and inspection
  • Overseeing the quality of inspection
  • Reviewing the inspection findings and suggesting appropriate measures
  • Reviewing the follow-up action taken by the Department of Supervision
  • Identifying emerging supervisory issues
  • Providing necessary follow-up suggestions to supervised banks to improve their functioning
  • Suggesting measures for making the supervisory mechanism more strong
  • Reviewing the information generated through supplementary vehicles, such as off-site surveillance, and action taken thereon.
  • Undertaking any other functions entrusted by the Board of Directors of NABARD
  • In addition to the above, based on the inspections conducted by NABARD, BoS periodically reviews the financial position of Cooperative Banks and Regional Rural Banks
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