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Climate Change Fund

In keeping with the commitment of NABARD to address impact of climate change the “Climate Change Fund” was created out of the profit of NABARD during 2016-17 for facilitating attempts to address impacts of climate change especially towards fostering sustainable development. NABARD contributes annually from its profit towards the corpus of the fund.

Institution of the “Climate Change Fund” is a unique initiative of NABARD as a Development Financial Institution to foster sustainable development and contribute meaningfully towards national priorities.


To promote and support activities aimed towards addressing climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation measures, awareness generation, knowledge sharing and facilitate sustainable development.

Activities eligible for assistance:

  • Awareness creation and dissemination of information, documentation of best/traditional practices / success stories.
  • Knowledge sharing domestic and international workshops / seminars, conferences for all stakeholders, on topics / areas relevant to Climate Change, including exposure visits.
  • Supporting preparation of Project Concept Note (PCN) and Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) for NGOs, State Governments and Executing Entities for Adaptation Fund, Green Climate Fund and National Adaption Fund for Climate Change and other funds.
  • Development of IT services and products for Climate Change related activities.
  • Training and Capacity Building of stakeholders.
  • Strategic Action Research / Applied research.
  • Networking and collaboration with similar national and international organizations.
  • Vulnerability assessment.
  • Preparation of sustainability reports and reporting system.
  • Policy advocacy for adaptation measures.
  • Addressing and assessing Gender issues.
  • Supporting experimental projects / activities / interventions on a pilot scale
  • Other activities that directly or indirectly lead to promotion of climate resilience in rural areas.

Priority areas identified by NABARD would be given precedence for supporting under the fund.

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