Other Initiatives
  • Day-to-day functioning of the supervised banks is being monitored through various statutory returns prescribed by the RBI/NABARD including OSS returns
  • State Level Groups comprising Registrar of Cooperative Societies (RCS), Apex Bank, Cooperation & Finance Department of State Government, Director of Audit and non-compliant banks have been constituted for preparing / discussing suitable strategy for banks not complying with the provisions of Section 11(1) of BR Act, 1949 (AACS) and monitoring the progress of Action Plan prepared by them to facilitate recompliance with the provisions.
  • After implementation of revival package under VC-I, State Level Task Force (SLTF) has been constituted and is meeting periodically. Issues related to the financial health of the cooperative banks and various other important issues are being discussed therein.
  • Periodic discussions are held with the CEOs of Apex Banks, RCS, State Government, etc., as also with the Chairmen of RRBs about the supervisory concerns