Supporting Producer Organisations
In an initiative which aims to bring real time empowerment to farming communities across the country, NABARD set up “Producers Organization Development Fund” (PODF) in 2011 with an initial corpus of Rs. 50 crore. The Fund supports formation and financing producer organizations by adopting a flexible approach to meet the needs of producers. Any registered producers organization viz. Producers Company (as defined under Sec. 581 A in part IXA of Company’s Act, 1956), Producers Cooperatives, registered Farmers’ Federations, MACS (Mutually aided Cooperative Society), industrial cooperative societies, other registered federations, PACS, etc. set up by producers are eligible from the Fund.
The support is provided as grant assistance for the accompanying measures including capacity building and market linkage. 
The following types of support are provided under PODF:
Additional Information: