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Other Climate Change Initiatives of NABARD

NABARD is supporting projects many of which can be classified under climate finance. Over 28% of NABARD’s cumulative disbursements have links with climate change adaptation and mitigation. Specifically, NABARD’s thematic areas of forestry, agriculture, animal husbandry, land development, minor irrigation, etc., have projects / components with emission reduction potential. Apart from these, areas like farm mechanisation, Self Help Groups, Storage & Market Yards, etc. have some linkages with climate change adaptation.

NABARD’s five programmes are as under: –

1. Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF)
2. Tribal Development Fund (TDF)
3. Integrated Watershed Development Programme
4. Umbrella Programme on Natural Resource Management (UPNRM)
5. NABARD Infrastructure Development Assistance (NIDA)

These programmes have supported projects with emission reduction potential including forestry, biogas digesters, rural energy management (pump replacement, HVDS, etc.), renewable energy and improving energy efficiency.

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