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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said- the farmers of Jammu and Kashmir will get fair price for apple and saffron
New Delhi | November 2019
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said that the government will ensure fair price of products of apples, saffron, walnuts etc. to the farmers of Jammu and Kashmir so that their products can reach the entire country. 
Smt Sitharaman visited Jammu and Kashmir with National Agriculture and Rural Development Bank (NABARD) President Harsh Kumar Bhanwala before the start of harvest season on the occasion of inaugurating the Six-Day Congress on Rural and Agricultural Finance here on Tuesday. Advising that Nafed is currently buying apples from farmers of Kashmir Valley. He said that NABARD should also work towards providing fair prices to the farmers of Jammu and Kashmir. 
The Finance Minister said that work is on to make Ladakh a center of solar energy. Work will start in this direction from January to February next year. Right now it is being prepared at the ground level. This newly formed union territory is geographically suitable for the production of solar energy. 
The government abolished Article 370 in August this year and separated Ladakh from Jammu and Kashmir and made both of them union territories. Now the government is working towards integrating these two union territories with the entire country. Under this, emphasis is being given to the farmers of Jammu and Kashmir to get fair prices for their agricultural products.