NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 20

ii) Role of the cooperative societies: In Azamgarh it could be observed that the president of the
society acted more or less like a Master Weavers. He was responsible for providing the raw
material to the weavers. He was the one to finalize the designing pattern of the products.
The president of the society was often termed as ‘Sabhapati ’He was also responsible to sell
the products to dealer in Varanasi as he had sufficient financial resources at his disposal. The
weavers worked day and night and were paid a predecided wage with no share in profit earned
by the sale of the product woven by them.
iii) Competition with the powerloom: In terms of similar quality and relatively lesser price
powerloom manufactured products pose a serious threat to the business of handloom weavers.
iv) Problems with banks: The banks in Azamgarh said that there was lack of repayment of the credit
borrowed by the handloom weavers.
v) Demographic profile: The majority of weavers in Azamgarh were in the age group of 35 – 45
years and had a monthly income of around Rs1000 through wages.
vi) Financial services usage: The weavers in the district did not take loans on a large scale and banks
accounts were used only for the purpose of getting cooking gas subsidy.
Major Recommendations:
a) Direct buyers seller meet: In order to curtail the exploitation of the weavers by the middlemen it
is necessary that direct interactions of the weavers with the buyers are arranged. In this regard
retail outlets could be established.
b) Design development: Huge cost is involved in the design development and at the same time
designs are not up to date as per the demand in the market. Collaboration with training institutes
and fashion designers could be made. They would add a brand value to the product promoting
its market presence.
c) Working conditions In order to work for the betterment and growth of the weavers it is required
that the working environment is improved. In order to reduce drudgery coolers instead of pit
looms could be used. Education is another prime concern in this regard.
d) Promoting organizations like the CFCs: The duties and responsibilities of the institutes like
CFCs must be enhanced. At the same time new ones should also be established.
e) Reviewing the PWCSs: The working of PWCSs needs to be reviewed and corrective actions are
required to be taken. Control on activities of PWCS is required to be taken to prevent them from
acting like master weavers.
f) Promoting cluster development: The cluster development programmes are needed to be
strengthened and a sense of working in groups is needed to be inculcated in the minds of the
g) Promotion of handloom: To increase the income of the weavers efforts are needed to be made
on the part of the government to promote handloom products in the foreign market. This would
increase the demand of the product leading to increased income of the weavers and hence better
repayment capacity.
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