NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 30

THEME-2: Issues Related to Rural Housing
Summary No-11
Profile of the Student:
Name: Swastika Yadav
Degree Programme: Not Available
University/ Institute: Not Available
Profile of the Mentor:
Name: Bhaskar Pant
Department: Not Available
Name of Regional Office: New Delhi
Objectives of the Study:
To address the following components of the sector:
• Availability of developed land for house construction
• Cost of construction of house
• Availability of appropriate building materials
• Availability of skilled labor for construction
• Access to affordable housing finance, not only for construction of new houses but also for continues
upgradation of existing housing
• Development of village level infrastructure that would improve the quality of living in the villages as
well as attract new house builders
Sample Size: A sample size of 70 and 40 households from Mangalpur and Anandpur villages (Alwar
district, Rajasthan) was selected for this study. Owing to the urbanization of Delhi, NCR region- nil or
almost no availability of rural households in or around Delhi, the choice of selecting the following two
villages was made.
Major Findings:
Survey findings suggest that though at an aggregate level, rural housing stock seems adequate but the
quality of housing leaves much to be desired. A sizeable proportion of houses are smaller than household
needs with poor structural condition, constructed with non-permanent material and providing
inadequate amenities. Households spendmonetary and non-monetary (materials fromhome, own labor,
and free material) resources to complete their construction. It may, however, be emphasized here that
the share of own finances has played a large role in financing construction, followed by informal sources
of finance (i.e. moneylenders and friends/relatives). The share of formal sector finances (excluding
private moneylenders) in construction cost has not been dominant. The survey results also show that
widespread awareness exist only in respect of a few government schemes. Thus, there is a need to create
awareness among people about various government-sponsored schemes so that people can avail the
benefits of the programs/schemes.
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