NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 24

Major Findings:
The Handloom weavers in Bishnupur are in a pitiable condition owing to the poor socio-economic
conditions. The majority of them are wage weavers who earn minimal wages in spite of working for
more than ten hours a day. Almost sixty five per cent of the community belonged to Low income group,
engaged with working under middlemen.
The basic raw handloom material required for the production of Handloom products was Handloom
purchased largely from the local market but sometimes co-operative society or local dealers, on credit.
Cooperative societies are not desired services because of their weak financial health andmismanagement.
Handloom is an age-old traditional industry beset with multi-farious problems. The industry, thus,
requires a multi-pronged approach to infuse life and sustain its development. Handloom industry is
providing one of the most basic needs of people and holds importance maintaining sustained growth for
improving living standards of the weavers.
Competition from power looms and mill sectors is obviously a major threat. This can be countered if the
handloom sector produces high value, and distinctive products for foreign market.
The industry is facing the problem of lack of both fixed and working capital. The industry till now
depended mainly on private sources or money lenders for its credit requirements.
Major Recommendations:
(i). Government has to ensure sustainable sales of handicrafts & handlooms at first place and
continuation of the perishing artwork at the second place and that too without affecting their
(ii). Appropriate transfer of skills and intangible culture through workshops and training of young
artisans by the elder artisans is the requirement.
(iii). Promoting large domain of artisans and their artwork, across West Bengal, India to the global
audience through our social network presence. Our online collection of handicrafts has increased
with growing time from teracotta , dokra, Batik Printing to Kantha stitch and have been appreciated
by International and National Buyers for genuine & authentic Artwork and Skill involvement.
(iv). More outlets of handicraft items should be promoted.
(v). Online emphasis of the products should be ensured.
(vi). Should create more awareness.
(vii). Prompt payment should be ensured.
(viii). Delay in supply of raw materials should be checked.
(ix). More loans should be provided at low interest rates.
(x). Banking awareness about schemes should be made in a big way.
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