NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 29

a retail shop where they could submit their products along with their prices and other required
information, the weavers would get the highest profit from their sales and not the middlemen.
v. Some steps that can be taken to reduce or eradicate middlemen involvement are:
a) Yarn Bank: The Government could set up a yarn bank in all handloom centres and clusters, so that
weavers could get their raw materials in enough quantity and at a reasonable price. Setting up of a
yarn bank, which is still in primitive stage, is expected to provide yarn to buyers at a stable price.
b) Dyeing: If the weavers could practice dyeing of yarns inside the State, they would not need to import
the coloured yarns from outside sources. Hence, price of yarn could gradually decrease
c) Finance from regular institutions: If financial institutions could provide special loans or subsidies
particularly for people engaged in handloom activities individually or under Joint Liabilities group
and other Self Help groups, it would greatly benefit the weavers and help them in the development
of their business in the longrun.
vi. Use of E-commerce and internet: The Internet is themost effective and fastest formof communication
in the modern world. If there could be arrangements made by the Weaver Societies or even the State
Government, such the weaving produce of all local weavers could be put up for sale in a marketing
site which would allow for not only national but international marketing, more people would get to
know about the hand woven products of Mizoram and can easily purchase them as well. This could
directly benefit not only the weavers but also the whole State as the GDP would highly increase.
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