NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 26

• In some of the societies a minimum economic status is mandatory for the weavers to become the
• loans being sanctioned by the banks are supposed to be one of the saving solutions to the weavers
but unfortunately they are also turning against them with high interest rates which are making them
fall into the traps of debts again
• due to lack of economic stability and low standards of living it is observed that the weavers are not
coming forward to take the risk in applying for credit and other facilities
• Problem of repayment is arising due to policy failures and corruption in the institutions
• delays observed in the implementation of the schemes, reimbursement of the amounts and
inspections due to varied reasons which do include the state separation
Major Recommendations:
• need for trainings to be conducted not just for the cooperative sector weavers but also to the non-
cooperative sector weavers
• better marketing facilities with timely payments
• enhance the awareness regarding the schemes and policies being implemented by the central and
state government in both cooperative sector and outside cooperative sector
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