NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 33

iii. All of the IAY beneficiaries of BPL category had their BPL cards. About 57.5% of the beneficiaries
were agricultural and factory laborers and 24.5% were farmers.
iv. The average cost of construction in both districts was Rs. 126750. Average investment of Rs. 138750
&Rs. 114750 was in Jhunjhunu &Udaipur Districts respectively. Average investment by beneficiaries
from their own fund was Rs. 70125. While it was Rs.76500/- in Jhunjhunu and Rs.63750/- in
v. The beneficiaries were ignorant about the schedule of fund release and time schedule for completion
of the construction. The range for completion of the construction was from 10 to 120 days. Average
no. of days taken for construction was 38 days. The average number of days labor get employed for
construction work of house found 36 day. The average labor expense paid during house construction
was Rs. 38975. In Jhunjhunu it was Rs. 43650 and Udaipur Rs.34300.
vi. 87.5% of the IAY houses display IAY logo. Remaining houses display logo but that get erased with
painting of house.
vii. Almost all the beneficiaries heard about the scheme from village panchayats.
viii.Almost all the houses are located within a distance of 0.5 kilometers from the main road. About 75
% of the houses were within 1 km from main road.
ix. Drinking water connection was available in most of the houses. No provision of Kitchen and Store
in the houses. Toilets were constructed separately and did not become the part of IAY houses. No
drainage facilities have been provided to the beneficiaries. 75 % of the houses have electricity and
most of them are metered. Girwi block performed very poor with 15% unavailability of electricity.
x. Beneficiaries have used the locally available building materials for the construction of floor,
wall & roof.
xi. However, construction of sanitary latrines was taken up under Swach Bharat Abhiyan & beneficiaries
got Rs.12000/- for its construction. It was not a part of IAY house.
xii. 65% of the IAY beneficiaries have felt that the IAY houses are of very good quality. 75% of Udaipur
respondents were highly satisfied with house quality. Only 5 % beneficiaries have commented about
poor quality and require improvements.
xiii.8 beneficiaries are fully or partially satisfied with the scheme in general. 99.7% of them have not
received any assistance from State run scheme. The land has been predominantly allotted to only
10% respondents. The house is predominantly in the name of the 63.7% female members. The
beneficiaries average income was between Rs.10000/- to Rs.15,000/-.
xiv. Most of the local contribution on the part of the IAY beneficiaries was in terms of unskilled labor
counted in certain number of man days. A good number of beneficiaries have contributed in terms
of material as well as monetary contribution. A large proportion of the IAY beneficiaries have
contributed a combination of the above.
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