NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 131

Secondary Sources:- In this reports almost all the data have been collected through observation and
questionnaire except information regarding marketing channel of large cardamom in the state which
has been collected from the spices board divisional office, Itanagar. This report is fully based on the field
Major Findings:
• Cardamom farming as main source of income: -
The cultivation of the cardamom is not only the source of income available to the farmer and reason is
farmers are engaged in many other activities other than cardamom farming, and also they are farming
many other horticulture products in their field such as Apple, Kiwi, Pineapple, orange etc. Cardamom
cultivation involved cost and time and also all the farmers do not know the proper way of cultivating it.
• No Financial support from any organization:-
The farmers have not got any financial supports from any organization. The survey revealed that all
the farmers do not go for the credit rather they managed by themselves, in some cases family members
contributes for cultivation. As cardamom cultivation is labour intensive, farmers require credit to
cultivate and maintain the cardamom plants which can be seen from diagram 6.
• Weather condition affects the quantity of production:-
98.88% of the farmers are experiencing problems of bad weather and they found that this leads to the
decrease in the quantity production. Cardamom plants get affected by the bad weather; heavy rainfall
affects the flowering of the plants and also leads to the landslides and floods which greatly affect the
cardamom farming, and also sunlight heat affects the cardamom plants, sunlight heat dries the plants.
• Processing of large cardamom by local method:-
According to the data available in the questionnaire, by taking the reference of the data available, 84.4%
respondents have responded that they first go for processing then they go for selling their product. And
there is no specific processing method, farmers use natural resources available to them such as firewood,
sunlight heat for processing their cardamom and in some places they are using modified drier made of
water pipe which also require huge amount of firewood.
• No established Market for productions in the state:-
Since the farmers have just started cultivating it in recent decade there is no proper market establishment
in the Arunachal Pradesh for the cardamom marketing. It makes difficult not only for the farmer who is
cultivating in small area and putting all their effort and resources but it also affects the large farmer, in
some cases in fear of rodent and damages they sale it in a very less price to the brokers.
Since there is no established market for the farmers whether they are small farmers or the large farmer,
here brokers or license holders are dominating the price and structure of the cardamommarket in the state.
• No Support of transportation system to farmers:-
The farmer faces problem of transportation as road of the state is not well constructed and connected,
there are many villages in the Arunachal which are not connected with the road and even if they are
connected they are not motor-able. So they have to carry everything with the help of labour and there
are families who unable to hire labour also to carry their product from field.
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