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NPA of 16.25% and SHGs under NPA of 13.39%. And (2) TGB, Gokulpur Branch of
Agri NPA of 13.33% and SHGs under NPA of 92.68%.
Analysis 2 :
Dhalai Tripura, comparing (5) TSCB and (6) TGB, Gandacherra Branch, the NPA
position in TSCB has Agri NPA of 25.68% and SHGs under NPA of 1.99%. TGB
has NPA position of Agri NPA of 81.43% and SHGs under NPA of 49.07%. (7) UBI,
Ambassa, has Agri NPA of 60.96% and SHGs under NPA of 19.71%.
Analysis 3 :
Sepahijala, (4) SBI, Sonamura Branch, has NPA position in Agri NPA of 6.01% and
SHGs under NPA of 92.68%.
3. The Recovery performance of the Banks in the Districts are in Dhalai District, the Recovery
performance of 3 years is 63%, Gomati Tripura is 60.50%, South Tripura is 66.07%, and North
Tripura is 58%. Hence the Recovery performance in Dhalai District is good out of the four districts.
4. The Condition of the farmers is that, the farmers who avail loans from the Banks, belongs to a
very poor financial conditions. The problems which often occurs during the utilization of loans is
the repayment. Due to genuine reasons repayment cannot be made in time. So the farmers faces
difficulties in repaying the loans.
5. The Condition of SHG are formed in the villages, the members belong to poor financial conditions
which bounds them to avail loan for the proper flow of their business or work. So the Banks offer
loans under Govt. Schemes. The SHG faces difficulties in recovering loans due to genuine reasons or
sometimes with the group is broken or close down.
6. The Crop Insurance is a crucial matter for the Agriculture loan, the farmers are not aware of it and
some do not know which may be helpful for reducing NPA to pay premium at 1.5% of the Insurance
Major Recommendations:
1. The bank must take necessary steps for crop insurance and aware the borrowers.
2. The bank should provide loan, by following up the farmers’ ability to repay.
3. In case of repayment by the farmers, the bank must do telephonic conversation and visit the place
for investigating the situation for the non repayment.
4. The borrowers who don’t turn up to repay the loans, legal actions is to be taken.
5. In case of genuine reasons for non repayment of the loans, waiving off the interest amount or
compromise of the loan account can be done.
6. The recovery Camp in remote area with facilities for the borrowers can be helpful for the recovery
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