NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 128

• The Forest Rights Act, 2006 (FRA) and other policy restrictions come with living in forests and
dwarf the development process of tribals , but are important nevertheless for conservation of forest
Major Recommendations:
• Increasing loan component: Each community, with its cultural background or income group or
territorial disadvantaged area should have a different tailored scheme, with different percentages of
loan components.
• Continuous following up of projects: Resources need to be set apart for proper following up under the
scheme, especially if the people themselves cannot organize and monitor themselves. A processing
and marketing unit and its continual monitoring will ensure participation of people.
• Computerization of MIS accounts: MIS accounts should be computerized and also, if possible,
should be translated to English for complete transparency and accessibility.
• Training of field staff: It is necessary not only for the staff to be well versed with the rules and
traditions of the community, (which is followed by all NGOs) but the staff should also be trained well
so that they can look beyond short term goals and focus on the long-term goal of development.
• Availability of literature on the internet: Even though this is often put aside as a minor issue, it is
very important for research work to be published online. There is potential for carrying out rigorous
impact evaluation and randomized control trials (RCT) in this area but this is not done due to either
a lack of opportunity or in this case the neglect of the importance of modern technology.
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