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License holders also face the problem of transportation as there is limited means of transportation,
there is only roadways which involves various unwanted problems and hurdles such as donation to the
union, donation to the police personnel even if they pay all the tax to the tax and excise department.
• Cardamom cultivation is a better source of income than other activities:-
As per the diagram 10, the survey report shows 74.44% farmers responded that it is a better source of
income than other activities where on the other hand 25.55% farmers responded that there are some
other sources of income which are better than the cardamom cultivation.
Here it can be concluded that though they have just started cultivating it in a recent year the farmers
believe that it is better source of income which clearly indicate that the farmers are doing well in this
particular crop.
• Practising organic farming:-
Since the farmers of the state have just started cultivating large cardamom in the area they are unaware
about the scientific way of farming so they are practicing organic farming in the state. They are not
using any kind of machine, tools, technology and chemicals in the fields. They are purely practicing in
a traditional way of farming which is organic in nature. Even they avoid using any kind of chemicals in
the fields in a fear of losing quality of the products and also buyer of the product does not take products
from the farmers who used any kind of chemicals in their field.
The farmers are using fertilizer or chemicals in their rice field but they do not use it in the cardamom
farm as cardamom cultivation is a labour intensive and require huge amount of money to cultivate it and
by using chemicals they might lose the quality of the productions. And to avoid such kind of loss, farmers
are purely practicing organic farming.
Major Recommendations:
After going through the survey, it has found that there is a great potential of cardamom grower in
the state but there is no proper value chain in the state to create value. There is no support from any
organization, no basic training to the farmers, no processing unit in the region, lack of transportation
and marketing structure to create values.
To improve the production and create value following activities are needed to be
undertaken: -
• Impart training and create awareness among farmers: - Survey revealed the needs and necessity
to improve the productions and creates values; farmers are needed to impart training regarding
methods of cardamom farming and create awareness among farmers about the cardamom farming.
The numbers of growers are increasing every year without any training and experience. And by
imparting training and creating awareness the production of the cardamom can be improved
manifold in the state.
• Extend credit supports: - The cardamom cultivation is a labor intensive and require huge amount of
investment in its activities. Starting from the clearing of forest, preparation of land for cultivation,
maintenance of land for whole year, collection of fruits, processing and sale of the product in the
market. All these activities require investment and as per the survey report there are no credit
facilities available from any individual or organization in the area, which is hindering in the quantity
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