NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 124

THEME-12: NPA in Agriculture Lending by Banks in Tripura with Special
Chapter on NPAs under Loans by Banks to SHGs Formed at NABARD’s
Initiatives (Tripura).
Summary No.48
Profile of the Student:
Name: Biroj Bhowmik
Degree Programme: MBA
University/Institute : School of Business Studies, National Institute of Technology,
Profile of the Mentor:
Name: D.V.Ramana Rao
Designation: DGM
Department : Not Available
Name of Regional Office: Tripura (Agartala)
Objectives of the study:
1. To assess the agency wise Ground Level Credit (GLC) flow for agriculture in Tripura during the last
3 years.
2. To assess the net benefits accrued to small/marginal/medium farmers, with respect to income &
employment generation, crop productivity and quality of life.
3. To evaluate the agency wise status of loans provided to Self Help Groups(SHGs) of NABARD.
4. To assess the recovery performance of banks under agriculture lending, with special emphasis on
5. To study the sustainability aspects and status of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs), with reference to
the sample SHGs.
Research Methodology:
The study was based on primary and secondary data. Primary data was collected from banks, farmers
and Govt department. Secondary data was collected from publications of NABARD, GoI, Agriculture
Universities and State Govt departments. The data collected was analysed using standard statistical
tools like Bar-Diagram, Percentage method and Pie-chart as a visual aid for the better understanding by
the reader to assess the impact of the investments/activities.
Major Findings:
1. The Agriculture Lending is maximum in Gomati District, Growth % of 38.19% in respect of North
Tripura, is 14.69% , Dhalai Tripura is 27.96% and South Tripura is 32.77%.
2. The NPA Position as per the Analysis in three Districts is as follows :
Analysis 1 :
Gomati Tripura, comparing (1) TGB and (3) SBI, Udaipur Branch, the NPA position
is TGB has Agri NPA of 2.15 % of NPA, SHGs under NPA of 87.69%, and SBI has Agri
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