NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 129

THEME-14: Value Chain Analysis for Horticulture Produce
(Arunachal Pradesh).
Summary No.50
Profile of the Student:
Name : Takam Kaha
Degree Programme : MBA
University/ Institute : Rajiv Gandhi University
Profile of the Mentor:
Name: Binod Kumar
Designation : DGM
Department : DEAR
Name of Regional Office: Arunachal Pradesh (Itanagar)
Objectives of the study:
A.Primary objectives:–
i) To analyze the value chain of the large cardamom:- It focuses on the activities involved in the process
of creating value, which starts with the clearing of forest to the marketing and sale of the products to
the brokers/agents in the market.
ii) To find out the difficulties faced by the farmers:- The farmer faces many difficulties while cultivating
cardamom, in the form of shortage of labor, regular maintenance of the field etc. which has been
discussed in the detail in this report.
iii) To find out the financial sources available to the farmers:- Cardamom cultivation is a labor intensive
and it requires regular maintenance of the field and for that it requires fund, which they get from
the nearby sources such as-from small; money lender, from friends, from family etc. And also other
sources have discussed in the report
iv) To find out the marketing structure:-Since the farmer have just started cultivating cardamom in
recent years, the reports deal with the marketing structure available in the region.
v) To find out the economic conditions of the farmer after adopting this crop:- The cultivation of
cardamom is a profitable activity, which is attracting almost all the farmers to cultivate this crop and
farmers are doing good in it.
(B). Secondary objectives-
i) To find out whether, weather conditions supports/affects quality of productions:-Weather conditions
play important role in the quantity production as high rain and excess heat of sunlight affects the
crops and its productivity and also heavy rain leads to landslide in many parts of the state which
damage the cardamom plant.
ii) To find out the level of involvement of people in the cardamom cultivations:-Almost all the farmers
have started cultivating cardamom and some of them are cultivating it in the area in which they used
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