NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 126

THEME-13: NABARD’s Integrated Development Projects in Wayanad-
Looking Back to Look Forward (Kerala).
Summary No.49
Profile of the Student:
Name: Divya Sebastian
Degree Programme: MA(Applied Economics)
University/ Institute: Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, Kerala
Profile of Mentor:
Name: Patrick Jasper
Designation: AGM
Department: Climate Change
Name of Regional Office: Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram)
Objectives of the study:
i. To critically analyze the situation in the field
ii. To evaluate the economic as well as social impact of the TDF project.
iii. To suggest further policy recommendations
The implementation of NABARD’s Integrated TDF projects in Wayanad is delegated to a Project
Implementation Agency (PIA). Field studies for three such projects in Wayanad were visited and
Sample Size: 81 households. TDF projects in Thondernadu (WSSS), Thavinjal (FLAME) & Nenmeni,
Noolpoozha (Shreyas)
Research Methodology:
Primary data: 81 tribal households were visited in the district of Wayanad for collection of primary data.
20 households from Thondernadu Panchayat (WSSS TDF-1) out of the 203 households enrolled for
TDF. 10 households from Thondernadu-Thavinjal Project (WSSS TDF-2) were visited for a comparison
between the Pania community in the two projects and also a comparison between TDF-1 and TDF-2
projects.26 households from Thavinjal panchayat (FLAME) out of 258 families were interviewed. 25
households from Nenmeni-Noolpuzha Panchayat (Shreyas) were interviewed out of the 250 families
enrolled in the project.
Further, discussions with the PIA and VPC heads were made to enquire more about the project and the
target area and group. A few houses at TDF Kannampady (PDS), Idukki were also visited as comparative
case studies.
Secondary data has been used from the Census of India data for population distribution statistics.
Major Findings:
The first project visited was the Integrated TDF project in Thondernadu (WSSS), with 203 households
of which 20 households were surveyed.
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