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O F D D , H E A D O F F I C E
I m p a c t
C o n t a c t
P r o j e c t
NABARD extended support to NABFINS and Pan IIT Alumni Reach, a social organization, for
providing specific technical skills for creating readily employable skilled youth.
The programme, designed as a 100% assured placement model, imparts training to youth on the
requirements of potential employers as well as social skills. The loan is repaid over a period of 6-9
months after their placement.
> More than 1000 such identified youth including 3 batches of girls have been trained.
> Skill loans of Rs 1.43 Crore have been disbursed so far to 27 batches, some of whom are wait-listed to
be placed internationally.
Shri Kalyan Chakravarty
PanIIT Alumni Reach for
India Foundation
Phone : 09867080593
Skill Loans for Youth in Left Wing Extremist and Other Backward Regions
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