NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 117

• Construction of more no. of water harvesting structure has addressed the issue of water scarcity.
• Water budgeting by the farmer for cultivation has resulted in efficient use of water.
• Land under irrigation in the area has increased after watershed development.
• Different developmental activities, treatments in area and drainage line for water conservation have
increased the ground water level in the area. Increase in ground water level becomes beneficial for
farmer in farming as well as taking other ancillary activity.
• There have also increase in no. of livestock in the area due to availability of fodder and subsidy given
by government institutions.
• There has a decrease in migration due to availability of work with in the area.
• Agricultural land value has gone up and credit availability also increased in the area.
• Overall, watershed development has a positive and effective impact on the income and standard of
living of the people of the particular area.
Major Recommendations:
• More no. of water conservation structure to be made to avoid the problem of water scarcity for
cultivation (diversion canal, field channel & farm pond)
• More no. of awareness programme to be conducted to train farmers about different profit earning
crops and better methods of cultivation (more no. of cash crop and benefit from it and soil test by
NGO financed by NABARD).
• Development of marketing of agricultural product - (Especially of mango, sugarcane, corn & jack
fruits by government of Odisha) for that Producers organization committee to be promoted.
• Better coordination between government functionaries and farmers can improve the effectiveness.
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