NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 120

Major Recommendations:
• In the absence of crop insurance, damage to crops compels the farmers to take credit from money
lender/commission agent hence thrust may be given to crop insurance. Banks and fellow farmers
were the main sources of information about crop insurance schemes. These modes of awareness
may also be used for PMFBY.
• Big number of farmers preferred availing crop insurance through rural agent or through commercial
banks. These modes may be adopted under PMFBY.
• There was a lack of awareness about the crop insurance schemes among the farmers. Consequently
very little number of farmers were coming forward to obtain crop insurance. Hence it is suggested
that state government/banks/insurance companies should provide wide publicity about the crop
insurance schemes.
• It was also observed that the farmers who had got crop insurance were not knowing about the major
terms and conditions or features of the crop insurance schemes.
• Banks and insurance companies should apprise the farmers about the benefits, main features and
other details of the crop insurance scheme.
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