NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 108

as backward regions than the Western Maharashtra so to capture overall scenario these three districts
were chosen.
Major Findings:
• The schemes are good enough for farmer’s community as they developed by checking the geography
of district by respective DDM’s.
• Except Shade net scheme in Chandrapur the other schemes are helping the rural people to increase
their income.
• The main focus is to implement the scheme and in Washim and Kolhapur district it implemented
with efficiency but there is gap in forward linkages in dairy sector. The only exception is Janseva
Farmers Club.
• Most of the farmers are getting more income on the same produce as dairy farmers getting 20%
more rate per litre of milk whereas the productivity of sugarcane increased by 25-30% on the same
field by introducing drip irrigation.
• The Shade net and dairy scheme require one time large investment, but the dairy development
scheme gives return generally from day 1 and shade net is totally dependent on the nature.
• 3 out of 4 shade net installed were dismantled due to natural calamities and now only 2 are in good
condition after repairing.
• The schemes are developed by considering small and marginal farmers as a central point. But, the
Shade net scheme failed to grab the attention of farmers in the vicinity.
• Due to Area development scheme the new generation in villages are taking active participation in
farming by introducing new technologies like Ice-cream processing and drip irrigation via Society.
• Schemes like this making rural people greedy and ultimately will generate more income so assistance
from institutions like NABARD will be helpful to make their desire completed.
Major Recommendations:
• As the schemes are working efficiently in the most of the districts so now while developing the
New Year plan for same scheme, respective authorities should focus on the forward and backward
linkages so that farmers will get benefit and ultimately it will increase their income.
• In Chandrapur district, the Shadenet scheme is not that much successful as compared to other
districts so with shadenet the authorities should consider Dairy, Poultry or Goatery. As the main
crop of Chandrapur district is rice and Jowar, The straw i.e. byproduct of Jowar is used as fodder for
the goats as well as buffaloes whereas the byproduct of rice is used in poultry.
• In Washim District, there is scope of making fishery as one of the area development scheme. Since,
143 societies are working for fish production and in 2014-15 total fish production was 4053 M.
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