NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 109

tonnes. Also 5722 hectare area out of total 6037 hectare (village ponds, reservoirs, surface water
area, etc.) has been brought under fishery.
• During field visit while discussing the scheme with farmer,I got to know that due to drip irrigation
marginal farmers are now dependent on machines and going to field for only 3-4 hours per day. Due
to which they are looking for alternative employment in the cities, so introducing a new scheme like
professional poultry can boost their income and they can utilize time properly.
• NABARD – DCCB Direct Linkage
Linking DCCB bank directly to NABARD regional office by bypassing the original structure which has
intermediary as state co-operative bank will accelerate the process of sanctioning loan and ultimately
increase business in short term OSAO sector.
This will also simplify the process improving the ease of doing business for DCCB as well as NABARD
• Extensive Awareness Campaign
Installation of Information booth in weekly Haat’s and Mandi’s in villages to create awareness about the
less popular schemes which are initiated by Nabard and simultaneously solve farmers queries at booth
so it will lead to ground level awareness.
• Lower Interest rate
Lowering the interest rate as much as possible of OSAO schemes to make it affordable for the farmers
as well as rural artisans at ground level and it will also help small & medium scale industries which are
dependent on financing agencies for working capital
Developing agricultural warehouses in untapped rural areas will help small and marginal farmers to
store the crop at warehouses and get loan against negotiable warehouse receipt and at the same time
ideally NABARD’s business will increase by two-fold.
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