NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 113

THEME-9: Water Management Practices (Maharashtra); Water
Management & Shift in Cropping Pattern in Watershed Areas (Odisha).
Summary No-44
Profile of the Student:
Name: Rohit Harish Bhanushali
Degree Programme: M.Sc.(Agribusiness Economics)
University/ Institute: Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune
Profile of the Mentor:
Name: Dr. D. Ravindra
Designation: DGM
Department: SPD / BID / DSM / NABCONS
Name of Regional Office: Maharashtra (Pune)
Objectives of the study:
• Mapping the irrigation scenario in Maharashtra
• Studying the existing water management practices in use by farmers
• Understanding two important water management practices viz. drip irrigation and farm ponds
• Analyzing the efficacy of the two water management practices in the identified districts
• To study the advantages and disadvantages of drip irrigation and farm ponds
• Studying profiles of the farmers with respect to their incomes, education, land sizes and other
necessary criteria
• Calculating the cost for implementation of identified water management practice per unit area
• Calculating the credit requirement of small medium and large farmers with respect to drip irrigation
and farm ponds
• To study the technical details regarding construction, design and maintenance with respect to drip
irrigation and farm ponds
• Comparing the area under effective irrigation with the total area under cultivation with respect to
yield rates, water conservation and other parameters
• To study the impact of drip irrigation and farm ponds
• To study the utility of drip irrigation and farm ponds in a period characterized by two years of
successive drought in the state of Maharashtra
Sample State/ Distt/ Blocks/ Villages: Maharashtra / Ahmednagar district:-Rahuri: Ambi, Deolali,
Himmat Gram Prakalp (Snehalaya), Shevgaon: Malegaon, Akhatwade, Samargaon, Kopargaon:
Pohegaon,Karanji,Sanvadsar,Padegaon, Aurangabad District:Rampur, Kachcheghati, Mahalpimpri,
Palsi, Kolthan, Krishnapurwadi, Pokri, Lamkana & Ghersawli. Kolhapur district:-Shirol: Bubnal,
Arjunwad, Aurwad, Alas, Shedshal, Ganeshwadi
Sample size: Drip irrigation: 101; Farm Ponds: 29; Total: 130
Research Methodology:
To analyze the efficacy of water management practices adopted by farmers with special reference to
drip irrigation and farm ponds and undertake field surveys for the same involving data collection and
analysis through questionnaires from various farmers and holding interactions with various NGO’s,
bank heads, sugar factory CEO’s, district development managers and other officials at Ahmednagar,
Aurangabad and Kolhapur districts of Maharashtra.
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