NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 88

Summary No-34
Profile of the Student:
Name: Mahesh N Butley
Degree Programme: Masters in Management Studies (Finance)
University/ Institute: Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute of Fin and Mgmt Studies, University
of Mumbai
Profile of the Mentor:
Name: B V S Prasad
Designation: GM
Department: DEAR
Name of Office: Head Office Mumbai
Objectives of the study:
a) To study and understand the different forms of energy requirements of the people
b) To examine the level of energy consumption and efficiency of use
c) To estimate the cost of energy consumption and find energy cost of their requirements
d) To analyse gap between energy consumption and actual requirements and suggest the alternative
forms of energy to full fill their requirements
Sample State/ Distt/ Blocks/ Villages: Maharashtra/ Yavatmal and Washim / Arni, Ghatanji, Manora
and Karanja/ Deurwadi (Bu.), Pimpalner, Dangargaon, Sanadapur, Waigul, Hatana, Mahuli, Malegaon,
Sample size: 100 household by Cluster sampling method from 2 districts.
Research Methodology:
In order to develop the database required for analysing the stated objectives, it was proposed to conduct
a primary survey at household level in some sample villages in Yavatmal and Washim Districts in
For this study, both primary as well as secondary data was used. For this study, the researcher selected
100 households randomly. Research type is applied research. Cluster sampling method is adopted
for data collection. This data was collected through a predesigned structured questionnaire method.
Simultaneously interviews of experts and group of farmers were taken by the researcher. The collected
data was processed and analyzed with appropriate statistical tools.
Secondary data was collected from leading journals, books, government reports, research works and
Major Findings:
1) The highest energy consumption was recorded in Manora region (SA III) situated in the vicinity
of forest and the lowest was recorded in the Ghatanji region (SA II). Thus it is evident that energy
consumption pattern and availability of fuels are proportionally related.
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