NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 95

• Expense on seeds in SRI was Rs. 392 (10.87%) per acre and Rs. 898 (14.30%) per acre of total cost of
cultivation in Traditional system. Seed requirement is very less in SRI because in this method single
plant is transplanted per hill as compare to the 3-5 plants per hill in Traditional system.
• Expense on fertilizer in SRI was Rs. 171.17(4.74%) per acre and Rs. 459 (7.30%) per acre of total cost
of cultivation. In traditional system farmers use more chemical fertilizers but in SRI farmers used
very less chemical fertilizer they were used vermin compost in their fields.
• Expense on weedicide in Traditional system was Rs. 350 (5.57%) per acre of total cost, while it was
Rs. 135 (3.74%) per acre of total cost of cultivation. In SRI weeders were provided by the NGO’s on
community basis for this purpose but in Traditional system chemical weedicides were used for the
removal of unwanted weeds from field.
• Expense on pesticides was Rs. 485 (7.72%) per acre in traditional system and 122.86 (3.40%) per
acre in SRI. In Traditional system more plant protection chemicals are used as compare to the SRI.
• There is a decrease of 42.58% per acre in cost of cultivation in SRI as compare to the Traditional
• Production is increased by 41.67% per acre in SRI system.
• Net income is increase by 195.80% per acre in SRI system.
Major Recommendations: -
• Govt. should take some steps to make aware farmers more about advanced techniques in farming,
for efficient use of their land assets. Agencies like NABARD and PSI mainly implement their work
on SRI through NGO’s. It was found that some farmers were not aware about SRI scheme. NGO’s
should take some appropriate steps to make aware all farmers. NGO’s must work with village
panchayats for better implementation of SRI scheme.
• All SRI adopted farmers responded that with this system their production increased about 20-30%.
They suggested that it is best system to improve the economy of the farmers by increasing their
production. Therefore the government should take initiatives to promote the SRI throughout the
state with the help of panchayats, as NGO’s work area is very limited and they can’t implement
schemes as widely as panchayats. With the help of panchayats this system can be implemented in
more effective way.
• Mainly women do the field work. So there is a need for “gender sensitization” in agriculture.
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