NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 90

fuels like LPG must be promoted to reduce dependence on fuel wood which causes environmental
issues like deforestation and carbon emission.
2) It was observed that there is a tendency to over exploit the free and common property resources.
This leads to waste of fuel and depletion of common property resources. Hence there must be a
check on the use of such resources.
3) It is found interesting that not a single household in the rural area used electricity for cooking. It is
recommended that there must a program promoting all energy efficient devices use.
4) The present study, identified over dependence on fuel wood. As suggested in the case of common
property resources, the use of forest resources as a source of energy is to be scientifically managed.
In this context, the possibilities of a shift from firewood to non-conventional sources like LPG, solar
energy and community biogas can be explored. As for use of biogas the main reason given by the
peoples is that is it not convenient and lack of knowledge of use.
5) In India solar energy is available abounded. For more than 300+ day’s solar energy is available in all
parts of the India. So greater emphasis must be given on the use of solar energy.
6) The importance of energy conservation is widely debated in recent years. But the present study
revealed that these practices are not effectively followed in rural areas. Thus an awareness program
is the need of the hour, which should be initiated at the household level. This awareness package
should include the details on problems due to non-conservation, methods available for conservation
and the benefits of conservation.
7) Programs like UJALA (Distribution of LED bulbs at cheaper cost than the market rates) and
UJJWALA (Free LPG gas connection to BPL to the women who belong to households that are below
poverty line (BPL)) must be implanted aggressively. Government must try to reach out the needy
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