NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 96

Summary No-37
Profile of the Student:
Name: Raksha P R
Degree Programme : MBA (Agri-Business Mgt.)
University/ Institute : Indian Institute of Plantation Management (IIPM), Bangalore
Profile of the Mentor:
Name: R. Ganapathy
Designation : AGM
Department : NABCONS
Name of Regional Office : Karnataka (Bengaluru)
Objectives of the study:
1) To understand the increase in income of farmers by the adaption of protected cultivation.
2) To know the subsidies that is available for the protected cultivation by various organisations.
3) To study the difficulties involved in accessing for subsidy.
4) To evaluate the market availability for the vegetables grown under poly house.
5) To understand the advantages of protected cultivation over the open field cultivation.
6) To know the limitations of protected cultivation.
Sample State/Distt/Blocks/ Villages :
03 districts (Bangalore Rural, Tumkur & Chikkaballapur)
Sample Size: 50 Farmers (small, marginal &large farmers)
Research Methodology:
Selection of the district was based on number of farmers cultivating protected cultivation of vegetables.
The study was supplemented by questionnaires survey to assess how income maximisation occurs
with the help of Pre and Post developmental approach i.e. the annual income status of farmers while
cultivating crops in open field and annual income status of farmers after adapting protected cultivation
is compared. Multistage sampling such as Purposive sampling and Random sampling are followed to
select the sample size from the selected districts (Bangalore Rural, Tumkur & Chikkaballapur).
Major Findings:
A. Protected cultivation:
1) The profit under protected cultivation of capsicum is considerably high compared to capsicum
under normal cultivation
2) Coloured capsicums are in great demand in urban markets.
3) The demand is mostly driven by hotel and catering industry.
4) In polyhouse, the crop duration of green and coloured capsicums is about 7 -10 months and the
yield is more than 50 tonnes per acre compared to 20 tons with crop duration of 4-5 months under
normal field conditions.
5) Production is possible throughout the year. Though the capital investment in polyhouse is more,
farmers are going for polyhouses as the yield obtained is usually 3 times more than the open field
6) The average life of UV stabilized plastic cover is 5-6 years. Replacement is essential after 5 years.
7) All respondents used capsicum seeds supplied by the company “RijkZwaan”. Red coloured capsicum
-Inspiration and Yellow coloured capsicum-Bachata.
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