NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 94

THEME-6 : System of Crop Intensification –Rice
(Himachal Pradesh);
Protected Cultivation in Income Maximization of Farmers (Karnataka);
Organic Farming in Tamilnadu: Issues & Challenges
Commodity Specific Study of Pulses in Telangana
Summary No-36
Profile of the Student:
Name: - Rakhi
Degree Programme: - M.Sc. (Environmental Science)
University/ Institute: - Institute of Integrated Himalayan Studies, Himachal Pradesh
University, Shimla
Profile of the Mentor:
Name: Kuldeep Chand
Designation: AGM
Department: FSDD / Rajbhasha
Name of Regional Office: Himachal Pradesh (Shimla)
Objectives of the study:
1) To study the alternative system of farming in the State with special reference to Rice cultivation in
the State.
2) To compare the economics of Traditional and SRI technique in the State.
3) To assess the adoption of SRI technique in the State.
4) To suggest the policy measure for wide spread adoption of SRI technique.
Sample State/ Distt/ Blocks/ Villages: - Himachal Pradesh/Bilaspur,Kangra/3 villages
Sample size: - 80 farmers
Research Methodology: - Primary data on various aspects of System of Rice Intensification was collected
from a total of 80 farmers. The data/information was collected through a Questionnaire designed for
the purpose.
Major Findings:-
• 92.5% SRI adopted farmers have agriculture as their primary occupation and 7.5% as secondary
• There are no tenant farmers in SRI system. 77.5% marginal farmers adopt SRI and 22.5% farmers
were small farmers.
• 82.5% traditional farmers have agriculture as their primary occupation and 17.5%as their secondary
• There are no tenant farmers in Traditional system that means all farmers have their own land. 85%
marginal farmers adopt SRI in study area. And 15% farmers were small farmers in study area.
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