NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 103

iv. Successful marketing is reported in case of chillies, where linkages with trading houses are
established. In case of fisheries establishment of collection centers for input procurement and as
market access bought in better monetary benefits to the producers.
Major Recommendations:
i. Imparting management skills to producers and bridging the information gaps is crucial for
sustenance of POs. This can be achieved by using technologies, like SMS based alerts.
ii. In the arena of management trial practices like rotating committees can be formed, each rotating
committee can be assigned particular work related to management for a particular time period. This
approach develops a mutual feeling of ownership among members.
iii. Godowns are highly demanded by turmeric farmers. If construction of huge godowns is not feasible,
mini-godowns can be built which can utilize new technologies for proper storage.
iv. Product quality certification infrastructure (Quality Control labs) is one of the building blocks for
POs, time lags in quality certification needs to be addressed, this can be done by promoting on field
tests and certification, quality testing kits distribution can help resolving this issue.
v. The gaps in infrastructure are compelling the producers to settle for cheaper prices, and is also
causing distress sales in times of glut and therefore need to be addressed according priority.
vi. Among fishing community, diversification (alternative livelihoods) is a major problem especially
during fishing ban period. The issue has to be addressed for deepening the impact of POs. Other
livelihood opportunities must be made an integral part of POs structure (business plans) for
vulnerable communities (especially fisheries). The off- season activity can go beyond fisheries
framework and training in activities like paper- plate making, tailoring can be provided. Such
demand is also expressed by the community. Addressing diversification issue should form part of
the business activity plan of FPO.
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