NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 105

• The marketing strategy to lure in new members is lacking. Though company offers products like
sprayers to the new entrants and sale of fertilizers at subsidized rates.
• 65% of respondents are marginal farmers who cultivate less than 1 ha of land.
• 60% of the respondents have and avail credit using KCC. The KCC should be provided to all farmers
by the banks with effort of company.
• There is lack of vital information like Government policy framework, guidelines, subsidies,
information regarding best agricultural practices etc. including timely availability of the same. There
is need for bridging the gap between lab and land. The latest scheme like PM Fasal Bima Yojana is
good for farmers etc., and it should reach farmers.
• The existing set up of office bearers is fine, however, there needs to be frequent interaction between
government officers and farmers. There is lack of training and capacity building efforts.
• There is need for integrated network, wherein, the knowledge base of Govt. Departments, NGOs,
farmers etc. is available on common platform. An FPO can have a website where the FPO related
information is available to all FPOs, including knowledge and best practices adopted.
• FPO needs long term financing requirement with capital investment in godowns, storage area,
farming equipments. The bank credit was on individual basis but not a credit line to the FPO. Short
term working limit can be considered for FPOs. Though grants are to be avoided as it makes them
lethargic, but capital grants on storage structures can be provided.
• The price realization is low during post-harvest season primarily due to glut of produce in market.
As they lack storage space they are unable to take advantage of large produce, due to lack of storage
space. They need storage space and APMC like space to sell.
• The formation of FPO has led to reduction in exploitation of the farmers. The shorter supply chain
has led to less intermediaries and better price realization.
• Brand building of FPO will lead to better price realization, though it is an issue with the company,
though they have registration. The organic produce are not branded which can bring them better
price realization. The awareness of organic foods is increasing and packaging of produce will provide
better remuneration.
• The interaction of FPO with various agencies and integrated approach to nurture FPOs is missing.
No subsidy or training is available from Government, as running an enterprise is a specialized
subject. There needs to be serious work done on integrated farming and market linkage. The work
through ARTIAS needs to be avoided, thus alternative mechanism of APMC, regulated mandis or
food processing & packaging facility needs to come out from State Government.
• The sale proceeds should form a part of corpus to company as it is important for the company to be
profit making venture.
Major Recommendations:
• The FPO has to go in for major membership drive and increase its land availability.
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